Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Frame Tent and a Canopy?

Frame Tents can be placed on any surface. Concrete, asphalt, grass or stone. They still need to be staked down but can be weighted down if unable to stake.

Canopy Tents can only be placed in the grass where it has to be staked down. These can not be weighted down to prevent from blowing away.

Where can the bounce house be setup?

Flat, level areas make for the best setup. Make sure the area is free from sharp objects and debris.

How many people can go into the bounce house?

The bounce houses have a maximum weight of 850lbs. However, having 20 kids bouncing around inside at the same time might not be the safest approach. Please think of the safety of the guests and if need be setup time limits so everyone can get a turn. Use your best judgement.

Where can the bounce house be setup?

There must be an electrical outlet within range of the bounce house.

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